Gumi Megpoid Sanctuary

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No source found on pixiv or google, if you know the artist, or you are the artist please message me so i can credit or take the picture down!
Pixiv ID: 35037295Member: 景

GUMI  【塗らせていただきました!】
Pixiv ID: 27767895Member: 澄渡 都玖 (元ユズ)@中学生
Pixiv ID: 20132494Member: バロ
Pixiv ID: 25426593Member: ウルやよ不足に悶える狼にころ
donut hole - soraru
original by hachi

(Source: m00ns, via takanenene)

[Render] Gumi Megpoid by KuronekoYuuki
Gumi Megpoid by Rellakinoko
gumi by SoullessTeddybear